Wildlife in Oregon

See Elk and other fauna this summer in Mt. Hood

Rosse Posse Acres in Molalla is a unique attraction along the Molalla County Farm Loop in Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory. More than a petting zoo, this ranch is a 52-acre working elk farm renowned for giving people the chance to see these massive animals face-to-face, not to mention beautiful views of the surrounding countryside and Mt. Hood.

Established in 2005, Rosse Posse Acres has 70 head of elk on the property, including both bulls and cows. Other animals include pygmy goats and miniature donkeys, chickens, and the ever-popular “Tucker” the wallaby.

Guided tours of the ranch are both fun and informative. They start with an educational talk at the barn that highlights the differences between antlers and horns. The expert, or “elkspert” also shows off elk ivory teeth while they pass around examples of cow and bull teeth as well as various examples of antlers.

After the talk, guests head out to the handling facility, known as “Elkatraz” before getting some face time with the massive animals. One of the handlers calls the elk over by shouting “candy” which is actually whole grain oats. Make sure you have your camera handy, as this is a great photo opportunity. You’ll have the chance to not only come away with some amazing pictures, but see the beautiful creatures and their behavior closer than most anyone else you know.

After getting some quality time with the elk, you’ll get the chance to play with the animals in the petting zoo. Once you’ve had your fill-in the petting zoo, head on over to the gift shop for some great elk-related items to commemorate your trip.

Tours are scheduled by appointment, which can be made by calling (503) 829-7107 or emailing. They cost only $5 per person and are perfect activities for families or even large family reunions, making Rosse Posse Acres a perfect addition to the Willamette Valley’s 7 Food and Farm Wonders.