There’s so much to love about the history and natural beauty of the Willamette Valley: Rolling hillsides cut through acres of farmland, dozens of covered bridges cross creeks and rivers, and forested foothills enchant in the region’s mountain ranges.

All this natural beauty has long charmed mountain bikers and road cyclists alike. Veteran riders can explore the Willamette Valley’s varied landscapes for years and never get bored, and families will appreciate protected bike paths that keep kids safe all over the region. Running through it all is the 134-mile Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway—the first official scenic bikeway in the United States.

So if you’re looking to hop in the saddle soon, here’s a guide to making the most of the many cycling opportunities around the Willamette Valley.

Cycling Opportunities Around the Willamette Valley

Get Started Cycling in the Willamette Valley

Planning your next two-wheeled outing around the Willamette Valley? Here’s how to get started—from where to ride to where to stay (and how to stay safe along the way).

Find your new favorite route: Whether you’ve been practicing on your Peloton or you finished a ride earlier today, you’ll find dozens of beautiful routes suited to your interests and abilities. To help you get started, we’ve loaded a few of our favorite routes into Ride With GPS, complete with overviews, turn-by-turn directions, and highlights along the way.

Wear a helmet: Cyclists 15 and younger are required to wear a helmet in Oregon. And while cyclists 16 and older aren’t required to wear a helmet while riding in Oregon, wearing one can save your life. Helmets can be found at bike shops and big-box retailers throughout the Willamette Valley.

Plan ahead: Restrooms in city, county, and state parks may be closed, and other services (such as trash pick-up) may be curtailed. Plan ahead as much as possible.

Explore the Possibilities