2022 Ridgeline Ramble 20K/10K/Relay

2022 Ridgeline Ramble 20K/10K/Relay

Blanton Rd | Eugene OR, 97405


This annual trail running classic covers many scenic segments of the Ridgeline Trail in South Eugene. See current course configurations here. Both distances will again start at Blanton Trailhead and both finish at Frank Kinney Park.

Most aid stations are at sections of the course where the trail either crosses a road or turns to follow a road for a short distance – please use caution on all surfaces, being aware of traffic. 20K runners must run against traffic for a short section down Dillard Road prior to turning left, back onto the Ridgeline Trail connector across the street from the Mt. Baldy Kiosk.

Please have a mask or runner buff on your person at all times for any interactions within six feet of crew, other participants and especially the general public.