Speaking Up, Speaking Out

We at the Willamette Valley Visitors Association are acknowledging the difficult, unconfronted truth of racism in our country which has resulted in death, violence, and social injustice to the black community. We understand that our full support of the Black Lives Matter movement is not enough. We are working on actionable steps within our community to demonstrate our continued commitment.
The work we began earlier this year to amplify voices across cultures, races, religions, classes, sexual orientations and all other intersecting identities is just the beginning. Right now, we are educating ourselves by seeking the resources we will need to provide guidance to our teams, our families, and our communities for generations to come. We have a long way to go, are committed to following our words with action, and are asking our partners to do the same.
As an organization, we are committed to providing a safe environment for all. We are asking ourselves what we can do to create the most change within our industry through our guiding principles of global citizenship, inclusivity, and responsible action.
We are grateful for your support and invite you to join us in creating actionable change in the Willamette Valley community.

Yours in solidarity, 

Dawnielle Tehama, Executive Director

Willamette Valley Visitors Association

Dawnielle Tehama, Executive Director, Willamette Valley Visitors Association