The Willamette Valley welcomes everyone to enjoy the bounty of the area, and The Willamette Valley Visitors Association (WVVA) is working to create an inclusive, safe place for people of all walks of life. In 2019, WVVA contracted with a race, diversity, equity, and inclusion (RDEI) expert and formed the first of many committees to take action and affect change. Then our nation experienced countless social injustices, and worldwide a pandemic hit. As the country shifted to rise up and meet these challenges, the travel and tourism professionals throughout the Valley equally recognized immediate action was required in our community as well.

Together these professionals began the hard work of identifying the needs and developing resources to promote responsible tourism by reducing social and economic inequalities and advocating for diverse and inclusive visitor experiences through a diverse and inclusive workforce.

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Willamette Valley & Social Responsibility

WVVA is committed to being conscious of its impact on society, including social and environmental, to make positive change for the organization, the tourism industry, and visitors to the Valley. We recognize we have a responsibility to our communities, our environment, and ethical business practices. 

The staff at WVVA and the Destination Marketing Organizations that make up the region are diverse and inclusive. Our very own Executive Director is an Indigenous woman of color; meet our staff to learn about our inclusive team of professionals. WVVA extends the search for diversity and inclusion to include working with minority-owned businesses from women-owned to BIPOC. Partnerships are forged with other organizations who share our passion for RDEI and bring different perspectives from their experiences in locations around the US, including but not limited to Clinton Street Consulting, Lawrence PR, Madden Media and Travel Oregon, and the destination marketing organizations below that make up the Valley.

Together, we are committed to transparency and cultivating a safe and supportive place for people of all walks of life. If you have questions or want to learn more, please reach out.

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Committee or Community

You can get involved and help the Willamette Valley be an inclusive place to visit. Whether you want to directly affect change by joining a committee and participating in developing resources, or you want to become part of the community and disseminate information and share how you are providing inclusive guest experiences, we have a place for you.

Add Your Business

You can help us create resources that address accessibility and inclusivity by sharing how your business is welcoming to visitors. We’ve got a form, simply provide as much detail as possible.

Become an Ambassador

If you’ve met one disabled person, you’ve only met one disabled person. Every individual’s case is unique, requiring different levels of assistance. The best resource we could provide is from the perspective of a disabled person living in the valley. WVVA is actively seeking disabled persons to act as a liaison to provide real-world recommendations of how a disabled person can get around the Willamette Valley and enjoy our wealth of experiences.

Join a Committee

You’re invited to learn more about how to make a difference for the Willamette Valley and those who visit our special part of the Pacific Northwest. Fill out our commitment form to get started.

Sign Up for eNews

If you can’t commit your time, you can join our community and stay up-to-date on our progress through our newsletter. Along with exciting information about what is happening around the Valley, we will share RDEI resources and updates you can pass along to your coworkers, family, and friends.

Frontline Staff Educational Resources

For our fellow travel and tourism professionals welcoming guests to the Valley, we have free materials you can use to promote RDEI in your work.

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Learn More About Us

The Willamette Valley Visitors Association’s (WVVA) mission is to build awareness for the Willamette Valley as a premier year-round travel destination through marketing, sales and destination development. Comprising six visitor associations, WVVA serves as the regional destination marketing organization for the Willamette Valley, driving visitor expenditures and economic impact to all parts of the region.