North Valley

Rolling hillsides cover the north Willamette Valley, where everything from hazelnuts to wine grapes shows off the region’s rich bounty. Charming boutiques, cozy tasting rooms, family-run farm stands and historic downtowns round out the experience.

A woman holding a glass of red wine gazes out over a balcony, staring at the misty scenery


Dive into the heart of the mid-Willamette Valley, where attractions and outings enchant children of all ages: Scenic hiking trails, quiet waterways, U-pick farms, colorful gardens and bustling cities showcase the best of the area.

A car going through a white covered bridge

South Valley

Where the scenic Willamette and McKenzie rivers converge, the south Willamette Valley teems with all manner of beauty — fern-covered forests, colorful mural tours, historic covered bridges, scenic vineyards and more.

West Cascades

Leave the cities of the Willamette Valley behind for the forested foothills of the West Cascades — where world-renowned mountain biking trails, quiet campgrounds, springtime wildflower hikes, steaming hot springs, prolific fishing and epic whitewater rafting trips await.