The West Cascades: where the only traffic jams happen on trails. Leave the city behind for some of the United States’ best mountain bike trails, test your mettle on our whitewater rapids, gawk at thundering waterfalls, hike through old-growth forests, and spend the night under shimmering stars—because you’ll want to be well-rested for what tomorrow may bring.

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The waterfall is flowing into a pool of water with green foliage surrounding it at McDowell Creek Falls
A man is mountain biking King Castle Trail

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Ascending from the Willamette Valley, the West Cascades boasts some of the region’s best outdoor offerings — where in-demand campsites sit under canopies of towering Douglas fir, world-renowned mountain bike trails crisscross the hillsides around Oakridge and Westfir, hiking trails ascend through meadows covered in springtime wildflowers, and emerald waters host some of the region’s best whitewater rafting.

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woman sits in a chair outside of a tipi at Tipi Village

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Get a taste for the West Cascades at seasonal farmers markets, local craft breweries and urban wine bars. Indulge in a cup of fresh-brewed regional coffee, enjoy a meal featuring wild truffles or savor a glass of world-renowned Pinot noir. In the West Cascades, find perfect pairings and abundant culinary adventures throughout to discover the unexpected and delicious.

A woman browses an eclectic shop and tries on a red hat with a coffee in her hand

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