WVVA in partnership with the Transformational Travel Council and the Regional RDEI Committee is proud to introduce our DEI Discussions series designed specifically for frontline staff.  This series is designed to help those who make the first and last impressions of our visitors deliver a diverse, equitable, and inclusive guest experience to all who explore the Willamette Valley. The materials are free to use and we encourage you to share them with your coworkers. 

The Video Series

Travel has always been about meeting new people in new places. As we emerge from the challenges of the past 2+ years, our opportunity to reconnect with each other through travel has never been greater. In order to heal our world, we must learn to see ourselves in each other. Travel can provide a perfect platform to interact with others toward healing and connection.

Each of the DEI Discussions videos is 20-minutes or less and offers insights you can put to use right away. WVVA’s partners are continuing to produce videos, so come back for more and follow our newsletter for new topics and release dates. 

Unpacking Us

This series of conversations is crafted with love for those working on the frontlines of tourism. The Transformational Travel Council and Willamette Valley Visitors Association have recognized both the value of your work and the opportunity you have to create an inclusive space to welcome all visitors into the Valley. These materials are developed to support you in your work and personal journey.