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It’s easy to find the perfect wineries to suit your tastes in Oregon wine country. Whether you’re in the mood for Pinot noir or Pinot gris, experiencing the ambiance of a hip, metropolitan winery or admiring the legacy of a small town vineyard pioneer, you’ll find it in the Willamette Valley.

Prefer to take a more à la carte approach to your wine tasting experience? We’ve got over 700 wineries and tasting rooms in the Willamette Valley, so explore to your heart’s content. Use our explorer listing and sort by region for your chosen experience. And if you tasting turns to taking it home, remember that Wines Fly Free on participating airlines.

wine regions

The Willamette Valley boasts so many wineries because this area boasts several distinct growing regions commonly called American Viticultural Areas (AVAs). Discover the Willamette Valley AVA and seven smaller AVAs within the valley and how they impart different flavors to the grapes.

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wine tours

Don’t know where to start in Oregon Wine Country? Not sure how to choose among the more than 700 Willamette Valley wineries? Take a tour of tasting rooms with a seasoned pro who’ll create memories that last long after you finish your next glass of Oregon Pinot Noir.

a beginner’s guide to wine tasting in the Willamette Valley

Your how-to guide to experiencing the Willamette Valley’s vineyards and wineries.

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wine events

Find out what is coming up in and around the Willamette Valley.

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