a group of five gather are seated at a table for a wine tasting in a room full of barrels.

take it from the experts

Not sure how to choose among the more than 700 Willamette Valley wineries? Take a tour of Oregon Wine Country tasting rooms with a seasoned pro who’ll create memories that last long after you finish your next glass of Oregon Pinot Noir.

 If your tasting plans involve more than a few stops, think about reserving a tour or concierge service through one of the many wine-tasting tour companies in the Willamette Valley. Many of these outfitters pick you up from your hotel and offer a variety of services—so they can either plan your day’s itinerary, based on your tastes and interests, or drive you between your pre-selected stops. Check out a round-up of Willamette Valley wine tour companies for more details.

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